Carrington Bloodstock was established by Tom Abel Smith in 2022 and has continued to grow under his direction. We provide a range of top-class thoroughbred services. The combination of a wealth of experience and a talented team of industry professionals we aim to create the perfect nursery for thoroughbred development while delivering the best possible results for our clients. We focus/specialise in the boarding of broodmares and youngstock, foaling, and sales preparation.

Launde Park Farm, the home of Carrington Bloodstock

Launde Park Farm

Launde Park Farm sits in one of the most stunning corners of Leicestershire and provides the perfect base for Carrington Bloodstock. With well-established hedgerows and free draining, well-maintained pasture it is the perfect place to raise the next generation of racehorses. The Farm is located just outside Oakham with great links Oakham Veterinary Hospital (10mins) and Newmarket just over an hour away. LPF has a flock of over 100 sheep that graze the farm in rotation with the horses and are vital for the health of the pasture.


Our expert team and facilities provide the best possible care for your mares, foals, and yearlings. The main yard includes two large spacious American-Barns with a combination of Monarch Stables and larger foaling boxes, all the boxes in the foaling barn are equipped with CCTV cameras and are adjacent to a self-contained flat to provide 24hr supervision of your mares in foal and with foals at foot. The Foaling Barn is also equipped with a veterinary room and stocks for examinations. Nursery Paddocks are situated in close proximity to the barns for exercise of mares and foals.

Mares in a Carrington Bloodstock Barn
Tom Abel-Smith

Sales Preparation

We provide sales preparation and consignment for all major European Bloodstock Sales. The Yearling Yard comprises of an American Barn style stabling, Horse Walker, and Lunge Pen with access to Nursery paddocks and an enclosed walking area for yearlings and foals.

Pre-Training / Spelling

We provide a bespoke service specifically designed to account for each individual horse, taking the correct approach to each horse to ensure the best possible production and care of your horse. Our facilities such as 100x50 arena, Horse Walker, Lunge Pen and 3.5 Furlong Round Gallop allow for the ideal journey for your young horse, establishing a routine that will allow them to fit into their daily life in a training yard.

The Carrington Bloodstock Gallop